Private Coaching

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Let me know what you’re working on and how I can help you reach your goal. We’ll work together to make sure you are feeling prepared and confident.

I am happy to share with you that I continue offering my services via Zoom. There is a 50% non-refundable deposit taken to confirm your booking and I respectfully ask that should you need to re-schedule, you do so with a minimum 24-hour notice. 


1 hour session - $125 

2 hour session - $200 


Working together in a very detailed way, we begin to better understand the character and the story, always paying careful attention to the writing. Once we have a real and in-depth understanding about who the character is, and how they experience the world around them, we can begin to look at where we might find personal connections to them in our own lives so that each character choice resonates deeply within us and is felt truthfully in our bodies. This style of working helps to create a very specific and authentic performance. It brings the character on the page to life. The depth at which we work produces a quality that can be felt and becomes so richly layered and honest it compels us to look at ourselves in ways we don't normally. It reminds us that the reason we go to the theatre and see films is because we become immersed in another human being’s story and within it we recognize aspects of ourselves. Great performances move us to feel something very deeply: joy, sadness, anger, desire, laughter, loss, grief, celebration... whatever it is, we feel, and it is a healing thing. That’s why this work is so important, and why I am so incredibly passionate about it. The experiences we share with each other matter because they are universal and they let us know we are not alone.


The directors I work with come to me for support and guidance in communicating more effectively with their cast. I can offer tools that will help them access stronger performances in a shorter amount of time. After a session with me, directors can begin rehearsals armed with the language and understanding that will help them elicit the very best out of each actor and greatly improve the quality of their time in rehearsal.

Script Analysis

Jackie Diamond Studio

Script analysis is vital to producing great work. You must first discover who your character is by investigating all the given details provided by the writer, and then researching more information about what their life might be like based on their relationships, work, history, aspirations, limitations, challenges, hopes and fears. No detail is too small or insignificant, and certain behaviors, born out specific experiences, can be carried and seen in the body. Every breath, every thought, every moment can inform us. It is such a wonderful thing to explore and discover ways we can embody each character so that we are telling a beautiful and complete story. This is both the struggle and the joy of the work we do.

To read your entire script & provide notes - $250
1 hour follow up sessions - $100

Actors and Directors

Whether you are struggling with the story, you wish to gain a more authentic connection to your character, or perhaps you just want to investigate further to deepen your already solid grasp of the material, I can help you with all of that. When you come to me for script analysis services, you can be sure that I will read the entire script thoroughly before researching and making my notes. Afterwards, I will provide all of that information to you, and set up a session to discuss.

Casting Services

Jackie Diamond Studio

My casting fee is a flat rate of $250 upon accepting the project and beginning my search. Later, when my actors are cast, I take an additional fee equal to 10% of actor’s rate, per actor booked.

Over the years I have built an extensive casting database of fine actors and I'd love to help you find the right cast for your next project.

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